Bruce Hornsby: 'I'm in search of the chills'

He wrote one of the great 80s MOR hits with The Way It Is. But now Bruce Hornsby specialises in the sweet spot where experimental meets accessible

Bruce Hornsby could have spent his years gradually winding down from MOR superstardom. He could have kept making albums that sounded a bit like The Way It Is, the lambent, piano-driven song that was a worldwide hit in 1986. And by now he would probably be co-headlining tours called something like Everlasting 80s, perhaps alongside a lineup of Mr Mister featuring one original member.

“That’s a little mean-spirited,” Hornsby says, laughing quietly. “But I know what you mean. And that would be a prison for me.”

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Source: The Guardian – Bruce Hornsby: 'I'm in search of the chills'

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