What Trump's big 5G push means for you


The White House is getting serious about 5G.

At a White House event on Friday, President Donald Trump and FCC chairman Ajit Pai will announce their plans to help boost 5G development in the United States, according to Axios. The FCC voted on several resolutions this morning that will begin the process of auctioning the rights to high-frequency airwaves that will enable the deployment of 5G infrastructure by private companies. This is part of the White House’s “5G Fast” plan, which seeks to support the widespread development and deployment of 5G across the country.

“Later this year, we’re going to be holding the biggest auction of spectrum in American history,” Ajit Pai told Bloomberg. “We will be allocating more spectrum for commercial 5G than all the mobile providers in America have today combined.” Read more…

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Source: Mashable – What Trump's big 5G push means for you

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