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Every Ford model from Fiesta to Transit will be electrified by 2021 — making electric vehicles the new norm

HISTORY is about to repeat itself.

Ford didn’t invent the car — but the Model T put everyone on wheels.

 Ford Kuga
Charging the electric Ford Kuga
Hasselblad H5D

Now fast forward 100 years to today . . . Ford didn’t invent the electric car — but it will put them in the hands of millions.

Every model, from Fiesta to Transit, is being electrified — which means we have reached the tipping point.

If Ford is doing it, it is no longer an alternative, it is the norm. Electric vehicles are here to stay.

You may have spotted Puma is coming back too, as a crossover hybrid.

Infotech dash display will be a part of Ford’s updated models
Hasselblad H5D

Hurrah. Ford Europe chief Steven Armstrong promised: “Every new vehicle will include an electrified option that best suits the needs and pockets of our customers.”

The switch started slowly, with the Mondeo hybrid in 2015, but later this year Fiesta and Focus — Britain’s best-selling cars — will add hybrid options that boost torque and efficiency. Note. No messy cables. But the 48-volt system has zero zero-emission capability.

The all-new Kuga, right, will have a plug-in hybrid option that can do up to 31 miles on battery power alone, as will the Transit Custom van and the eight-seat Tourneo Custom. All three will be launched within months, with NO London ULEZ charge and NO Congestion charge. For the time being.

The first all-electric Ford will be a Mustang-inspired performance SUV, codenamed Mach 1, which goes on sale next year. Then Ford will churn out all-electric Transits from 2021.

But when do we get a small pure electric Ford? The batteries are still too pricey to make them viable, so there’ll be no zero-emission Fiesta until 2024.

A final word from Armstrong: “We’re introducing the right tech at the right time. Ten years from now, more than half of all new vehicles sold will be electrified.”
A fair chunk of them will be Fords.

2021: Transit

Pure electric

The Transit van will become pure electric in 2021

Britain’s No1 van transformed into a superzero could make our streets cleaner and safer. The all-electric Transit is currently being tested with roof-mounted solar panels to power cabin accessories. Genius.

2020: Mach 1

Pure electric

This car is named after an old Mustang

Your next poster hero is a silent, zero-emission muscle car. Yes, you read that correctly.

This Mustang-inspired performance SUV will be Tesla fast and Tesla money.

It is codenamed Mach 1, after another old Mustang.

2019: Transit Custom


Transit Custom
The Transit Custom has front wheels driven by electric power

With a 310-mile range and just 75g/km CO2, it’s exempt from ULEZ and the C-charge.

Front wheels are driven by an electric motor powered by a 13.6kWh battery with a 1-litre petrol acting as a range extender.

2019: Fiesta


 Ford Fiesta
The Ford Fiesta is Britain’s favourite car

Clever move this. Britain’s favourite car will be faster and more efficient – without having to plug it in.

The 48-volt battery recharges during braking and coasting to provide electric torque assistance when accelerating.

2019: Focus


Ford Focus
Ford Focus will have a hybrid engine

Has the same engine and 48-volt hybrid system as the Fiesta, so you’ll get 1.5-litre performance with 1-litre fuel economy.

Good work, Ford. Available as an option on most members of the Focus family.

2019: Mondeo


This hybrid Ford has been out since 2015

Not much new here. The Mondeo hybrid has been out since 2015 but new-for-2019 is the estate and ST-Line trim. It pulls away in electric before the 2-litre petrol engine kicks in. Prices from £28,000.

2019: Kuga


Ford Kuga
Ford Kuga will do 31 miles on battery power alone
Hasselblad H5D

The choice is yours. Hybrid. Plug-in hybrid.

EcoBlue diesel hybrid. Or plain old petrol or diesel.

Ford quotes a quite frankly ridiculous 235 MILES PER GALLON for the plug-in hybrid – including 31 miles on battery power alone.

It emits just 29g/km CO2. All-new design is very much Focus left in a growbag. You like?

Source: The Sun Motors – Every Ford model from Fiesta to Transit will be electrified by 2021 — making electric vehicles the new norm

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