Princess Caroline's Royal Style Needs Your Attention Right Now

As the daughter of Grace Kelly and a long-time friend/muse of the late Karl Lagerfeld, it is no surprise that Princess Caroline of Monaco has incredible style. Like many overlooked style icons, Princess Caroline has been consistently chic for decades, having attended fashion shows and red carpets in her teens with mum, becoming a Chanel muse in the ’80s and then raising another royal style icon, her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi.

From her front-row looks at fashion shows in the 1980s to casual preppy outfits and royal gowns, her style has always been imbued with a sense of timeless cool. Similar to Princess Diana, Princess Caroline’s love of fashion comes through in all of her outfits—even on formal occasions. Keep scrolling to discover Princess Caroline’s best style moments.

Style Notes: While in London in the 1980s, Princess Caroline channels Diana’s twist on English heritage clothing.
Style Notes: As a regular guest at Chanel shows over the decades, Caroline is often photographed in layered pearls and those iconic suits. 
Style Notes: She recently wore this couture look to a gala in Madrid, and I just love it. That bolero is a piece of art, and she carries it with so much grace.
Style Notes: See? Even the royals love an all-white casual look. The gold hoops and belt make it so glam.
Style Notes: Relaxing with her mum, Grace Kelly, she layers shell and pearl necklaces over her simple pink T-shirt and wrap skirt. 
Style Notes: Even with a five-inch tall tiara, she looks relaxed in a chiffon maxi kimono over her silk gown. 
Style Notes: As a teen in New York, I love this red floral dress with ’70s barrettes. 
Style Notes: This casual look is a lesson in simplicity. From her canvas sneakers and white trousers to the cardigan and printed scarf, this is a head-to-toe classic. 
Style Notes: This is such a hip look for a young royal. I love how she’s matched her mascara to her all-purple outfit, and the double cuff bangles are the chicest styling trick.
Style Notes: At the annual Rose Ball with her mother, Princess Grace. I love the contrast of the red taffeta and royal blue gown.
Style Notes: As someone who would wear Chanel belts on the slopes, it’s no wonder these are her protective goggles. So fashion. 
Style Notes: The oversized menswear over the little black dress is peak ’80s cool.
Style Notes: This outfit is so good on many levels. The mixture of creams, browns and black is elegant, while she also subtly clashes argyle and checks.
Style Notes: Chanel chic. So simple, so good. 

Source: WhowHatwear UK – Princess Caroline's Royal Style Needs Your Attention Right Now

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