Joan Baez: ‘Music can move people to do things’

The veteran singer on her mixed emotions about her farewell tour, the women she most admires and forever being linked to Dylan

Joan Baez has been singing her songs of protest for 60 years, her matchless soprano voice rising above trouble. She can look back on an extraordinary career that included a new interpretation of Bob Dylan songs in the 60s, and singing for Martin Luther King (with whom she became friends). The daughter of a Mexican-born physicist and a strong-minded Scottish mother, she has announced, at 78, that she is now on her last tour, performing her swansong album Whistle Down the Wind.

What moved you to record the album Whistle Down the Wind after a 10-year gap?
I felt it was time. I’m phasing out and wanted to choose something to bookend my first album. My original album has a song about a silver dagger; my last a song about a silver blade. The first was a traditional folk song – the girl lost out. In the last, which was written for me, she turns round and kills the guy – she could be part of the #MeToo movement.

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Source: The Guardian – Joan Baez: ‘Music can move people to do things’

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