Glossier's New Makeup Remover Is the Best I've Ever Tried

I’m going to start this feature by being totally transparent: anything Glossier releases, I will purchase. Call it hype, call it good marketing, call it what you like. I call it excellent products I know I can rely on for simple skincare at affordable prices (and also fantastic marketing—Emily Weiss, we’re looking at you). Whenever a new Glossier product lands on my desk I get a rush of excitement, eager to run home and plaster whatever it may be all over my skin and feel like an angelic dewy goddess post-skincare usage, and their latest release was no exception. Introducing the brand new Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover. Keep reading to hear my honest review. 

Glossier recommends taking off your makeup with Milky Oil first and then going in for a second cleanse with the original Milky Jelly Cleanser (£8). We can confirm this is a good combination and will leave you with seriously glowy skin. 
This oil-based makeup remover is perfect if you have sensitive skin as it’s completely free from sulphates or mineral oils. Use a pea-sized drop to melt off your makeup and then remove with a cloth. 
Another firm favourite of mine, this refreshing micellar water literally feels like you’re splashing Icelandic water over your face—and it removes all traces of stubborn makeup. 
Take a look on any girl’s beauty shelf and chances are she has a bottle of this. An all-in-one cleanser, this simple micellar water does the trick and removes all makeup, leaving the skin squeaky clean. 
Like Milky Oil, this gentle makeup remover combines both oil and micellar water to create an effective dual phase cleanser. Swipe over your skin on a cotton pad to remove any makeup or grime from the day.  Next up, these are the 9 beauty products we buy from & Other Stories.  Opening image: @alyssbowen 

Source: WhowHatwear UK – Glossier's New Makeup Remover Is the Best I've Ever Tried

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